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Thursday, April 7

Muslin Gown: Regency Fashion

Kent State University Museum: 19th Century Gallery features this breathtaking 1800's white muslin gown (in four views). I want one.

1800 Round gown, muslin. Image @Kent State University Museum

The sheerness of 19th century muslin is demonstrated in this photograph by Madame Guillotine, whose blog offered two posts with images of the most luscious gowns from the Fashion Museum in Bath.

Muslin dress. Image @Madame Guillotine
Definition of Muslin:
Muslin: 1. plain woven, bleached or gray, soft finished cotton fabric, in a great variety; ranging from the finest Dacca muslin, to coarse fabrics used for dresses, aprons, sheets, shirts ,the latter often having warp stripes; 2. a very light, loose plain woven cotton fabric ,considerably stiffened in the finish, used for foundations in dresses.

The white muslin cloth was made in India in Dhaka (now Bangladesh), and grown from a variety of cotton plant made in the region. Muslin of such sheerness and fine quality is hard to find today.


Nonna Beach said...

Very pretty and the style hides a multitude of figure flaws too !

Antiques And Teacups said...

Nice and sheer...perfect for damping!!! And they think today's couture is revealing!

Hungarican Chick said...

That gown is divine.

Raquel said...

It is a dream, to have a gown in that muslin!

Dana Huff said...

Oh my gosh, that's gorgeous. I want it, too!