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Saturday, April 30

The Royal Wedding From the Sidewalks of London

Gentle readers: Frequent contributor Tony Grant managed to take the train into London with his lovely wife, Marilyn, and take images as a by-stander. His pictures will give you an idea of how fleeting their glimpses of Prince William and Kate Middleton were as the newly wed couple rode past the crowd in the 1902 state landeau. But Tony also captured the excitement of being among the crowd on a memorable and festive occasion. Thank you, Tony, for being our roving ambassador! While you are here, do vote for Kate's (Duchess of Cambridge's) gown in the post below.
Crowds near Westminster Abbey
Tony captured the image I have in my mind of a typical seasoned British lady

All glammed up as a walking advertisement for Tesco

In the thick of the crowd

Tony thinks this is Prince Charles and Camilla. This is about all of Camilla that I want to see.

One of many marching bands. The Brits do know how to put on a good show.

The chap (front right) is momentarily distracted. The horses are not.

Lovely shot. I can picture my mom with these ladies.

Thankfully it did not rain, but these ladies were prepared!

These images remind me of why I stay at home to watch parades on the telly.

Tony thinks this is Charles and Camilla
If you click on this image, you can see Princess Beatrice leaning forward. Too bad her Philip Traecy "Antler" hat is not visible!
Oh, dear. Good or bad? You decide. Image @The Daily Mail

After all that waiting, here is Tony's image of the bride. You can barely see her at the left.

Tony says that he stood higher than the top people on this statue

Biking from Jamaica?

Grabbing a bite to eat. But where is the loo?


These two ladies look smart

Buckingham palace in the distance

About the time of the kiss, these planes flew overhead

Tony's wife, Marilyn

Tony in a quiet section of Whitehall

This Bobby must be tired of standing on his feet for hours watching the crowds


Anna said...

This is pretty much how I imagined it to be! Would have loved to be there, but the crowds and the lack of toilets might have given me a second thought...

Great photos, though, given the circumstances!

Nonna Beach said...

Tony and Marilyn sure were brave to try that crowded event...Thanks ! We watched all the fabulous coverage in living color at home, on T.V....loved every minute and I cried at the ceremony too !

The Princesses were the worst dressed and I thought it was quite unkind not to invite their Mum, Sarah but at the pre-wedding dinner, they looked beautiful !

Vic said...

I loved this first hand peek, Tony. Thank you! Vic

TONY said...

Thank you for your comments. Marilyn,Abigail and I have just about recovered.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed these pics. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jody said...

Loved, loved, loved every moment. I watched the ceremony over and over. I even watched all the terrible movies and specials about them.

I'm an unabashed Anglophile.

I just found out recently that I am related to the royal family. It makes everything English even more fun.