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Thursday, May 19

Look What's New at the Jane Austen Centre's Online Gift Shop

I visit the Jane Austen Centre's Online Gift Shop frequently, but not enough, for I discovered many new items that I had not seen before. Here is a sampling.

Calender, diary, and journal


Pride and Prejudice book box


Jessica said...

The pattern on the diaries is lovely!

Jenny Allworthy said...

I love the book box. None of the men in my house would ever open something that said Pride and Prejudice, so it would be a perfect hiding spot!

Becky said...

So cool! I have a Darcy mouse pad at work. Sadly, my students are confused and have needed my influence and education to teach them of his gloriousness! :)

polkadot said...

The Jane Austen Book Box...are they for sale?