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Sunday, June 5

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

Which Jane Austen secondary character would you be friends with? For the sake of brevity, I shall pick three novels first, and ask the question again next week with characters from Jane's remaining novels. You may pick as many as you like, or none.

Pride and Prejudice

Colonel Fitzwilliam
Mrs. Gardiner
Charlotte Lucas


Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Croft
Captain Harville

Northanger Abbey

Eleanor Tilney

Which secondary Jane Austen character would you be friends with?
Colonel Fitzwilliam
Mrs. Gardiner
Charlotte Lucas
Mrs. Croft
Lady Russell
Captain Harville
Eleanor Tilney free polls


Miss Laurie said...

I adore Eleanor Tilney! She's just the sweetest and most elegant of Jane Austen's characters and I love her almost more than Catherine and Henry.
Mrs. Croft would make a wonderful friend, in fact I have a few friends like her. Mrs. Gardiner's sense would also be invaluable, I'd love to travel to visit Derbyshire with both of the Gardiners!

Thanks, this post was so much fun!

~Miss Laurie

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Good question, Vic! I'll have to give it some thought. Today I am in the mood to be living inside a JA novel.

Trish said...

I voted for Mrs. Croft, Mrs, Gardiner and Charlotte Lucas. I would have voted for Mrs. Smith, but there wasn't a button. I like women with common sense-and also identify with Mrs,Croft as my life has been a lot like hers.

Vic said...

Trish, I almost included Mrs. Smith, but that gave one book to many friend characters!! Vic

Nonna Beach said...

I chose everyone except Lady Russell and Charlotte Lucas.I think although Lady Russell's motives were pure and in Anne's best interests as far as position and rank in society, she found little value in true love and Anne suffered for it along with her true love, Capt. Wentworth for years.

As for Charlotte Lucas, although Elizabeth found her a good friend and she gave out some good, sensible advice about Mr. Darcy vs Mr. Wickham. her choice of Mr. Collins on the rebound was ghastly, choosing comfort and security over love. My opinion is formed mainly from Elizabeth's reaction to the marriage and also, surprisingly Mrs. Bennet, who called the Lucas family basically opportunists and greedy for money and property.