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Friday, June 3

Film Friday

Scents and Sensibility, a modern adaptation of Sense and Sensibility and starring Ashley Williams (Something Borrowed), Marla Sokoloff (Hallmark Channel’s Flower Girl and ABC Family’s Christmas in Boston), and Nick Zano (What I Like About You and Everything You Want) is coming soon. Scents and Sensibility was filmed in 2010 and is currently in the last stages of post production. It is a more comedic telling of Jane Austen’s story. Follow Elinor and Marianne through a sometimes hilarious job search and a journey of learning to trust their hearts.

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Scents and Sensibility brings the 1800’s story to the present day with a comedic twist. After their father is charged with swindling investors, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood must make their own way in the world. Having always been given everything they needed, they struggle to find jobs where being a Dashwood isn't a major impediment.

While Elinor finds work as a janitor at a spa, Marianne finds a position at a marketing firm. Their struggle to make ends meet – especially so they can help their mother pay for critical medicine for their youngest sister – is complicated by the risks of love. Their burdens are only lightened by Marianne's hobby of making scented lotions. They learn that one lotion has amazing properties that soothe aches and pains, which they begin selling to supplement their resources. But others learn of the scented lotion formula, which could be worth a fortune.
Marla Zokoloff (Marianne) and Nick Zano (Brandon)

As the sisters strive to overcome the obstacles in their lives, they wonder whom they can trust to help along the way? With all the turmoil can they balance relying on their hearts and using their good sense without losing everything?
Brad Johnson (Edward) and Ashley Williams (Elinor)


Ashley Williams – Elinor Dashwood
Marla Sokoloff – Marianne Dashwood
Danielle Chuchran – Margarett Dashwood
Jim Christian – Mr. Dashwood
Brad Johnson – Edward Farris
Nick Zano – Brandon
Jason Celaya – John Willoughby
Jaclyn Hales – Lucy Steele
Dee Macaluso – Mrs. Jennings

The release date has not yet been set.


ABily said...

cannot wait to see it:)

Enid Wilson said...

All sort of JA variations are accepted now. Good!

Chemical Fusion

Nonna Beach said...

Cute take on the original..I'll give it a look when it arrives !

Southerner said...

Oh God. Is that really Sense and Sensibilty. The flag stones of Winchester Cathedral are moving!!!!!


Carolina said...


Thnak for information.

my question is when is the premiere in the cinema? O is now out on DVD

Thnak very much