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Monday, June 27

Pride and Prejudice Clothespins

Set of six Pride and Prejudice clothespins from Brookish on Etsy

I love Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice so much, that I thought of a new way to spread the goodness of the classic novel to all you fans out there.

Here we have six standard clothespins covered with text on both sides, and sealed for a little extra durability. The little snips of sentences are enough to let you know what scene you're reading, which results in putting a smile on your face.

Not only are they pretty in themselves, but they serve a purpose:

  • hold bills, receipts and papers together
  • hang cards and postcards on a piece of ribbon or twine
  • attach a note to a pretty package or flower arrangement
  • creative money clip
  • placecard holder at your next tea party (hey, hostess gift?)
  • stylish chip clip (as pictured)

...the sky's the limit!

Comes in a handmade, stamped muslin bag, ready for gift-giving.

(not recommended for hanging out wet laundry, but it's a nice thought)

PLEASE NOTE: the text depicted in photo does not match the text you will receive. (Text from Brookish on Etsy)

1 comment:

erlynn said...

I bought Jane Austen t-shirts from Bookish and they are great! They threw in a clothes pin for fun and they are also really nice. Perfect for the Austen fan and gifts for others.