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Wednesday, June 29

What Do You Love? Jane Austen, Of Course!

Google asks: What do you love?

Sly creature... What could I love? All things, Jane. Jane Austen, of course!

Click here for the answer.

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Portugues

About What Do You Love, a new feature by Google. PCWorld provides the best explanation: What Do You Love is a mash up of Google's services, including Maps, SketchUp, Patent Search, Photos, Books, Translation, and more. Some services, like Gmail and Google Voice, don't change much depending on your search term...It's well-designed and an efficient discovery engine that turns simple search terms into opportunities to experiment with Google's expansive portfolio of products -- some of which you may have never seen before such as Google Moderator.

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Enid Wilson said...

Mr. Darcy and chocolate!

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