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Wednesday, June 1

Who is Who?

I am reading The Making of Pride and Prejudice (1995) and the book has lovely histories and images.

One of the photos intrigued me because I could not identify all the actors. I recognized Mrs. Bennet, Mary Bennet, Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley. In one case I suspect who is the actor, but I am not sure. There are still two remaining ladies who I do not recognize.

Could you help me identify them?

PS: I'm curious about the books the Ladies are reading, but in this case it is almost impossible to see the titles...

Contributed by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português,


Anna said...

I think that's Jane Bennet in glasses all the way on the right.

nespres said...

Kitty Bennet on the left side??

Abby said...

I don't recognise the dresses, so I'd probably guess that they were the actors playing the guests at the various ball scenes: for those they must have needed a number of extras that we never really see fully, as they only serve to make the scenes look more realistic :)


Steph VG said...

I actually think it's Mrs. Phillips wearing glasses on the right, but I don't recognize the dress on the lady second in from the left.

DangAndBlast! said...

Love that Mary's doing needlepoint! In-character even when the camera's off :)

Marloes said...

I always assumed it was the actress who played Lady Lucas on the far right, but who the other lady is I don't know!

Miss Laurie said...

I just looked through my screencaps and then watched the scene. These costumes were used in the scene at Lucas Lodge where Sir William Lucas ask Darcy to dance with Lizzy but she refuses.
The lady all the way on the end with the glasses is Lady Lucas (played by Norma Streader). She features in the conversation at the beginning of that scene. The other young lady next to Mrs. Bennet is just an extra in that scene. You can just catch a few glimpses of her chatting with a young gentleman in the background as the scene plays. I can't find out the actresses name because she doesn't have any lines.
I'd assume that the two ladies at far right are reading P&P, Miss Bingley's copy looks like an older one. Mary Bennet looks like she's learning how to embroider, she seems to be holding a large pattern book and has a needle and thread in her right hand. Mrs. Hurst seems to be reading a newspaper. Mrs. Bennet has a book or script, the lady next to her seems to be holding a newspaper as well.

I hope these observations help. I'm very sure about the identities of the mystery ladies. Thanks for posting this, it was fun to re-watch the scene!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Karen K. said...

It's so funny to see them sitting on folding chairs! I'd love to know what Miss Bingley and the woman to her right are reading -- could they be JA novels?

Jenny Allworthy said...

I adore this book. Lots of great stories and gobs of gorgeous photos. I had no idea what it took to put together a period drama. I was just flipping through this the other day!

Great sleuthing Miss Laurie!

Another fabulous book is the screenplay and diaries of Emma Thompson from Sense and Sensibility. That woman is totally hilarious!

Raquel said...

Thank you, Miss Laurie!

But I am not sure about the man. Is he Mr. Darcy?

Anna said...

I think Miss Laurie is correct in that the lady on the right must be Mrs Phillips. Although I wasn't sure if that was her or Lady Lucas. I also agree that the lady next to Mrs Bennet must be an extra, as she doesn't look like any of the main characters.

The man must be none other than Mr Darcy!

Interesting post :)