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Friday, July 8

Friday Fashion: Exhibition about Keats lover: Fanny Brawne

Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishawe as Fanny Brawne and John Keats in Bright Star
Those of us who have seen Bright Star cannot get past our curiosity about Fanny Brawne, a Regency seamstress and John Keats's lover (played superbly by Abbie Cornish). The film was breathtaking and illuminating.
"According to Wentworth Place, the museum ran inside Keats’ Hampstead home, Brawne subscribed to plenty of fashion magazines of the era, and didn’t just sew idly- but was practically a fashion designer in waiting. This summer Wentworth Place are opening up an exhibition based not just on her relationship with Keats, but with the clothes she was drawn to and created (through a series of created artworks made to discover.)" - Fashion for Lunch
Abbie Cornish as Fanny Brawne
Fashion Exhibition About Keats Lover:
"No one knew until long after the death of poet John Keats; when his love letters to Fanny Brawne were published in 1878, about the fiance who had been his companion during those final years. Brawne it seems was known for being elegant, witty and really into fashion- the timely Regency style of course, and anything else with a historical whim to it."
The Needle is Always At Hand will be exhibited at the John Keats House in Hampstead, London, from June 14 through August 14, 2011.
"An exhibition exploring Fanny Brawne's time at Keats House through her interest in dress. Blurring the lines between costume and art this exhibition invites visitors to find each piece for themselves, to discover more about Fanny Brawne, Regency fashions and dressmaking."

FREE with an admission ticket to the house.

Fanny Brawne
Read: A Biography of Fanny Brawne and Discussion of her Romance With John Keats.


Dana Huff said...

Oh, I loved this movie! I got such a girl crush on Fanny Brawne after watching it.

Blaire said...

I feel like such a bad historical fashion person because I have not seen it but I want really bad... I just need to get it from the video store. After this post I want to see it more so.

Tee said...

Thank you for this wonderful post! I loved the clothes worn by Fanny Brawne in the film...