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Wednesday, July 20

Gigi Stone's Jane Austen Wedding? Methinks Not

Gigi and Ian cut the cake
Anisha Lakhani described Gigi Stone's Jane Austen Wedding in Huffington Post yesterday.

A Jane Austen wedding? I did a double take when I saw the images. Where's the Regency inspired gown? The little stone chapel? The horse drawn carriage? The small bouquet of meadow flowers in season? The neatly coiffed and curled hair? While Gigi looked ravishing and the setting of her wedding was picturesque, I would not have described her wedding as Austenesque.

The headline proves how a mere association with Jane Austen's name can attract readers. If you want to see a Regency inspired wedding, view this image of Caroline D's wedding in 2007 on Sense and Sensibility Patterns.
Caroline Ds Regency - Horatio Hornblower - inspired wedding
Image @Sense and Sensibility Patterns
Caroline provides even more information and images on this discussion post.

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