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Thursday, July 21

Regency Fashion Study

Random Sandy kills time "during lunch at work. I've always love the older fashions, and find it interesting how hard it was for women to get dressed up!! Quill pens, India Inks in my Moleskine."

Here's a detail of her drawing. Click here to see the entire image.

Detail of a drawing by Random Sandy


Kleidung um 1800 said...


CJ said...

That's cool

Enid Wilson said...

Very nice. But you need to have the bust to wear them

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Lily said...

I like some of the clothing of the era. However, the style makes you look like you are pregnant!

Fashion Guide said...

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Esther Moriarty said...

This would go perfect with Limoges, as I think you'll love this Jane Austen Pendant Necklace.