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Saturday, July 23

Ice and Ices to Keep Cool

Entrance to the ice house. Image @Tony Grant
The July heat this year is stifling. It is all people (and animals) can do to keep cool. Tony Grant sent two images of an ice house at Ham House in Cleveland.
One can see how far into the ground these ice houses went.
Image @Tony Grant
 Before refrigeration, blocks of ice were carved from frozen rivers, ponds, and streams and carted to these thick-walled, underground ice houses, where the ice was covered with burlap and straw to prevent melting.
Learn about the ways people kept cool during Jane Austen's day at Jane Austen's World.
Ham House
This strawberry frozen yogurt recipe offered by Jean from Delightful Repast is a sure fire way to beat the summer doldrums. Jean writes that yogurt has been around for centuries. I wonder if they froze it even back then?
Strawberry frozen yogurt by Jean @Delightful Repast


Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Vic, I'll be making another batch of strawberry frozen yogurt today in an attempt to keep the heat from putting me in a state of inelegancy! (What a way with words our Jane had! I usually just say something like "turning me into a little puddle of grease.")

CJ said...

Oh Gosh. That strawberry yogurt looks soo good.