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Sunday, July 3

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

Which JA female character will drive you out of the room first from boredom?

Lady Middleton, Sense and Sensibility

The only subjects that animate the cold and reserved Lady Middleton are her children.

Mrs. Bates, Emma

Mrs. Bates, right, is almost past everything except tea and quadrille.
Lady Bertram, Mansfield Park

"I feel quite stupid. It must be sitting up so late last night. Fanny, you must do something to keep me awake. I cannot work. Fetch the cards, — I feel so very stupid." - Lady Bertram

Which Jane Austen character will bore you most?
Lady Middleton
Mrs. Bates
Lady Bertram free polls


CraftyMama said...

Mrs. Bates could be the best character ever! We never really find out since her daughter doesn't let her get a word in edgewise! ;)

OldFashionedCharm said...

I love Mrs. Bates on principle because she is loved and respected by others, and I love my job working with elderly people! If Fanny could enjoy Lady Bertram's company I don't see why she should be such a disliked character.
Now, to me Lady Middleton might be to most boring because she seems to only speak of her children and not to really have any original idea or warmth of feeling about anything else. But then why would Sir John marry her if she were completely boring? Well, I voted for her anyway.

Enid Wilson said...

Where is Mary Bennet?

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