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Sunday, July 31

Regency Cant Throwdown

Mr. Collins often talked fustian to others
Gentle readers, how often have you come across a Regency term and had to guess at its meaning? Georgette Heyer novels are filled with colorful terms that either so old-fashioned they are no longer in common use, or they were made up. One of her favorite words was "fustian", as in the following passage from The Grand Sophy:
He turned his head to look at her, his eyes narrowed, and their expression was by no means pleasant. “Are you thinking of being so unwise as to cross swords with me?” he demanded. “I shan’t pretend to misunderstand you, Cousin, and I will leave you in no doubt of my own meaning! If you imagine that I will ever permit that puppy to marry my sister, you have yet something to learn of me!”
“Pooh!” said Sophy. “Mind your horses, Charles, and don’t talk fustian to me."
In the above context, what does the term mean?

Fustian means
pompous free polls
For the definition, click on this online dictionary link.

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