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Saturday, October 22

Jane Austen Live Action Role Play

A Jane Austen LARP sounds like fun, and as the author of this article says, he might do it again if he didn't have to sew his own outfit. For the LARP described in the article, "The idea was basically to collect all the main characters from Jane Austen's 1810s novels at the same ball, "a social mine field" as one participant described it. The venue was [a] picturesque 1750s country house..."

Players read up on Jane Austen's novels and the customs of the day to be able to get into character.
"About 85 participants spent the nine hours of the event talking (in character), dancing to live music, playing whist, performing & listening to music and poetry, and eating. Most people wore gorgeous outfits. Almost every unmarried character's main motivation had to do with marriage. Time went fast."
The most fascinating aspect of this article is that the role play occurred in Sweden! Click here to read the article. 


Martin said...

Thanks for the kind mention! But the last time I checked, I was a "he" and not a "she".

Vic said...

Thank you, Martin. Correction made!

Matthew said...

Jane Austen stole my cake