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Saturday, January 28

New Display at the Jane Austen House Museum

The dining room wall at the Jane Austen House museum at Chawton Cottage is exhibiting a new explanatory display of Sense and Sensibility. The novel celebrated its 200 year anniversary in 2011.The designs were based on the coloured illustrations by the brothers, Charles Edmund ( C. E.) and Henry Matthew (H. M.) Brock of Cambridge. These were included in the 1908 edition of the novel published by Dent and Company.
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Information about the display sits on the new The Jane Austen's House Museum blog, written by Julie Wakefield, author of Austenonly.


Cinthia said...

Actually, the illustrations are from the 1898 edition by Charles Brock. You can compare both at Molland's:

(I know it as a fact, because I am the one who scanned both editions -the 1898 and the 1908- for Molland's)

RobinfromCA said...

Oh how I wish I could get back there sometime soon! In the meantime, thanks for sharing with us!