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Tuesday, January 31

Would Elizabeth Bennet Have Listened to The Staves?

In Sound Check, Marina Csomor conjectures that Elizabeth Bennet might have liked The Staves if she'd had an opportunity to listen to the trio's pretty soft voices. I think she might just be correct.


Sanna K said...

This one was great, thanks for the tip!

TONY said...

Very nice Vic. I loved their singing. I think Elizabeth Bennett would have felt at home in the room they were singing in. The lyrics might have appealed to her if indeed it was a horse or a lover they were singing about.
The guitar playing was gorgeous but she might not have been familiar with gentle guitar playing. Elizabeth Bennett, even for her middle classness, would have known scrapy fiddling at barn dances, melodious pianifortes in living rooms, chamber orchestras at balls and heard country songs about the harvest, birth at springtime and berries on the bushes and skylarks and all that sort of stuff. I think the Staves type of song and singing is a development from the songs of those days.
My goodness I am being pedantic!!! Loved the song.