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Wednesday, May 16

The Pump Room and Bath

Facade of the Pump Room

Beck's and Posh, one of my favorite food sites, visited the Pump Room in Bath in one of their posts.

Click here to read their fabulous post.

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The Pump Room

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments, i enjoy your site too! ...
i'll try and post something of the pump room sometime. i went to a reception there with the major, it still looks very much like your post.
my computer hard drive just burned out and ironically i may hae just lost all of my photos of Bath inner city, everything esle is variously backed up.

- ja.mes of bath daily photo

Vic said...

Major calamity, James! I adore your daily photos, and the thought of your having lost all photos of the inner city makes me sick.

I just had a major computer crash as well, and bought an external drive. All my photos and music files are saved externally. So I feel for you.

Anonymous said...

Smart move, I'm planning on a recovery attempt either this Friday or next week. At least it'll be fun restocking my supply of Bath photos.
Good luck to you....