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Sunday, July 8

Another Version of Beau Brummell's Demise

In this YouTube clip about George Brummell, find a discussion about this fascinating man and the Prince Regent and how their relationship ended in an entertaining monologue by George Stuart, artist and raconteur.

Mr. Stuart sculpts historical figures using art historical sources to guide him. Then he speaks about the personages in different venues around California, including Ventura County Museum, using the information he researched. Much of what Mr. Stuart says rings true in this Teapots and Tyrants account, but there are enough deviations with which an historian might find reason to quibble. Regardless, the clip is entertaining and provides one with a pleasant way to spend seven minutes.

Learn more about Beau Brummell and Mr. Stuart at these sites:

  • Learn a wealth of information about George Brummell at
  • Stroll through St. James's here and view a statue of Beau Brummell on Jermyn Street. Find also a photo of the window of Lock's, the hatters.

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