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Thursday, March 26

The Zombies Are Coming! The Zombies Are Coming!

We all know that a zombie's favorite meal is brains. In Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Lizzy and the Bennet family do everything in their power to keep zombies from INDULGING their ravenous appetites for living flesh.

My question to you as we await the reviews of this book on April 1st is:

What do vegetarian zombies eat?

Grains! Hah!

Click on image to enlarge it and read some of the text. Click here to listen to an NPR podcast about this publishing phenomenon.

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Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Christine said...

This whole concept is just so...weird. Weirdweirdweird.

Blarney Girl said...

Just what I needed this morning!! A "corny" joke! HA!! rofl

Adriana Sales Zardini said...

I agree with the girls above! Weird weird a lot!

Jeanette said...

Picked this up from the bookstore a few days ago. Have only skimmed a few passages here and there but it is actually pretty funny and should definitely be entertaining.