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Tuesday, January 5

Serialized Novels on Blogs

Good Intentions is the name of Catherine Spencer's novel, which is set in the Regency period as an homage to Jane Austen. In it she tries to duplicate the tone and sensibility of the nineteenth century novel, including a healthy dose of humour and romance.

Catherine intends to post weekly (Sunday) excerpts from the first part of her novel, and she would like to hear what you think of it. Please leave comments on her blog.

Mrs Darcy vs. The Aliens is a slightly demented sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Written by Jonathan Pinnock, you can expect an update twice weekly, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The sites already offers five episodes, with a new one promised tomorrow! "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE (although, sadly, it is not yet universally acknowledged)."

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


Nonna said...

Interesting...but my question is, where the heck is our favorite guy commenter Nigel ? Trimming His Sails perhaps ???

jonathan pinnock said...

Many thanks indeed for the mention - although I should point out that the mid-week episodes are coming out on Wednesdays, not Tuesdays (apologies if I misled you). So the next one will appear tomorrow, January 6th, when we have a surprising encounter with a highwayman.

Vic said...

Correction made, Jonathan. I've missed Nigel too, Nonna Beach. Perhaps he's enjoying his summer Down Under.

jonathan pinnock said...

Many thanks!

Nigel said...

Thank you for asking after me.

I have been visiting Jane Austen Today but somtimes its nice to give others space to comment as well. And Yes! the summer down under is very invigorating (smiles).

For reference, if one check's their Atlas, I live on the furthest Eastern Point of the mainland. Truly a wondrous Surf-Town.

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Nigel - you have become such a stalwart male voice in a sea of female flutterings over Colin Firth that when you do not speak up -- you are sorely missed. ;-)

Vic said...

I daresay, Laurel Ann and Nonna Beach, that we have all developed a crush on Nigel.

Nonna said...

Enjoy your summer Nigel...such a gentlemen ( leaving space for others ) and yes, we do look forward to the male perspective on all things Austen etc. ( bit of a crush as an admiring friend in there too )

In his Navy days, my Hubs loved all of Down Under...beautiful sights and wonderful people !

Nigel said...

Thank you for the new year accolades.
You are a good bunch too!