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Tuesday, August 17

Ungrateful! A discarded Jane Austen Book

I won a gift of Jane Austen's complete works, which was bought in a second hand book store. The book is wonderful, but what caught my attention was the dedication of love on the first page. The lovely words must not have touched the book's recipient, for shortly after receiving the gift that person sold the book to a second hand book store, where a friend of mine bought it.
Poor boy... I hope the author of so loving a dedication will have a beautiful life and forget this ungrateful creature!

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português


aimee said...

me too!

Eliza Martin said...

That young man can write me romantic inscriptions in great books any day he wants.

Jessica said...

Holy crud, that's a good inscription!

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed that you no longer allow full posts for those of us who subscribe to your blog in a reader. I love your blog, but rarely click through to read full posts anymore because I have a slow connection and limited time to spend hopping around the internet. Any plans to allow full posts? It would be so appreciated!

Mystica said...

I hope so too.

Vic said...

Hello Elsa,

I will allow full posts again. Be aware that there are sites on the internet that co-opt full posts and publish them on their sites without giving attribution or linking to the original blog. This piracy is so rampant that I decided to offer only partial posts through RSS feeds. Thank you for stopping by. Vic

TONY said...

A lovely piece of writing showing his love.
He's the winner in the end because he's got the courage to show his love. She found it difficult to give herself in the same way.

Nonna said...

I'm wondering...Are you sure a guy wrote this inscription ? Maybe it was a girlfriend who wanted her guy to read Jane Austen ? Either way, whoever discarded that book really missed out on a lovely romance !

Giulia said...

I felt as you do but...I wonder. Perhaps he was lost to war or illness...& she could no longer stand to look at the book. Or something. Shall think about it. If she was an ungrateful wretch, then I'm glad you are now the proud guardian.


Jeannette said...

It could have been written by a woman.

Or, maybe it was one of those "break-up" gifts -- "You dumped me, but I wish you the best" kind of gifts.

Either way it's a great inscription and somehow very fitting.

Raquel said...


perhaps lyrics?

Raquel said...


very good, indeed!

Raquel said...


I had not noticed that point...

Raquel said...

Nonna Beach,

Yes, I'm sure it was a boy who wrote it.

I did not put his, nor photographed the dedication or mention the exact book, to preserve his identity.

Raquel said...


there are many possibilities in this little love story... in my blog, readers invented a lot of them!

Raquel said...


"it could have been written by a woman."

Perhaps, but it is signed by a boy's name.

"Or, maybe it was one of those "break-up" gifts"

I never thought about that... but very good one.

Raquel said...


he will, he is young!

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

I once ran across a book of inscriptions in books. This would be a great addition.

Cheers, Laurel Ann

Anne Shirley said...

I also have books that have been a present one day, and I feel the same.
I hope that the books I gave won't have this future. (I'm sorry if my english is too bad, I can readit, but I can't speak it well)

Raquel said...

Laurel Ann,
a book of inscriptions in books, it must be very interesting!

Raquel said...

Anne Shirley,

I hope my gifts have not this future, too!

PS: English is not my native language, wither.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think of that. Of course you would want to safe guard your posts! I will keep enjoying your writing.