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Monday, August 28

Regency Fashions, Manners, and Style

Find the most fabulous links on this Women in World History site: Turbans, portraits, the Marriage of Princess Charlotte, Regency Styles Year by Year, Regency Outerwear, and more. This is a review of the "personal website of Catherine Decker, author of scholarly work in several fields, including 18th-century gender and literature."

Women in World History is a project of the Center for History and New Media, George Mason University, in our glorious Commonwealth of Virginia!

To use 21st century American parlance, "I am verklempt" by the sheer variety and magnitude of information covered on this site.

Other links of interest and noteworthiness (we seem all to be beating about the same mulberry bush, don't we?):
  1. The Georgian Index
  2. The Regency Ring
  3. A Regency Repository

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