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Friday, June 22

As we await the Mr. Darcy Battle outcome

...for your delectation, the BBC Drama Pride and Prejudice site provides fans of the 1995 P&P version with a complete and comprehensive site of the series. Indeed, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle fans would be proud. Click here to enter the site. Here is the Internet Movie Database Site with more of Colin and Jennifer.

For the fans of the 2005 version, here is your site: Every Girl is Looking for Her Mr. Darcy. And if you think you have seen everything about Matthew, here is a flipbook about Matthew as Mr. Darcy created on June 17, 2007.

At this moment we are at 50-50%. So VOTE! (Frankly, I like them both, but I'll keep that secret to myself.) Want to vote? Click here and scroll down to the poll.


Lady Jane said...

How did you find the MM as Mr. Darcy flipbook? It is really great!

Ms. Place said...

Don't you just love Google? I must admit a bias for Colin. But I know your troops are for MM.

Lady Jane said...

:) Yes they are! lol This is so much fun!