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Friday, June 22

The Mr. Darcy Battle Heats Up ...

When I wrote the previous column it was out of respect for Mr. Macfadyen's reputation. He was being so resoundingly walloped, that I though I was doing him a kind favor. At that precise moment, Mr. Firth had acquired 31 votes and Mr. Macfadyen none.

Then Lady Jane rallied her readers to vote for Mr. Macfadyen and they answered her clarion call. Now Mr. Firth's votes have stagnated. Have all the Colin Firth fans voted already? The contest currently stands at Mr. Madfadyen 59% and Colin Firth at 41%. Oh, the injustice of it all.

What is the prize? The winning Mr. Darcy will have his photo put up on my sidebar. Can there be no greater accolade?

So, Mr. Darcy fans. VOTE for your favorite Mr. Darcy! You may vote once per day for a week. Click here to vote (scroll to the bottom).

Graciously thankful for your interest in this modest blog, Ms. Place


Kelly said...

I think it helped too that your blog showed in google alerts for Matthew. Any Matthew fan, like myself, who has alerts for his name was provided your link. :) I am glad it did! :)

james said...

All the girls at my college were decided Firth fans. Had no idea who the other guy was....I only overheard Firth this, Darcy that. What's the appeal? Tell me, what's the

Lady Jane said...

Thank you kindly, Ms. Place! What a diverting contest!

James, Mr. Darcy is the epitome of Gentlemen and, I think, the Dream Man.

Linda Merrill said...

James, Mr. Darcy is:
strong, silent, handsome, rich, willing to overlook social mores, willing to change his mind. Knows a good woman when he meets one, even if she's not rich or socially acceptable. Willing to overlook her rather loud mother and sisters. Did I say handsome? :-)