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Thursday, June 21

Mr. Darcy Battle Won

Update: Battle won? Not at all. The Macfadyen fans have rallied, and their hero has caught up with Colin Firth and passed him.

We could continue this glaringly lopsided battle between our favorite Mr. Darcys, gentle readers, but that would be unseemly and unkind. So, out of compassion for Mr. Macfadyen, I am declaring Colin Firth the victor of this short but fierce contest. After 36 tense nail-biting hours, poor Matthew received nary a vote. The polls will remain open for a few more days, just in case Mr. Macfadyen supporters want to come to his rescue, but I say enough is enough.

Here is another breathtaking picture of our gorgeous Colin in modern garb.


Cat is my copilot said...

How could anyone but Colin Firth win?? :D This is great--thanks!

jafanficlover said...

Colin Firth has absolutely cornered the market on Darcy in film. Sorry Matthew, love you in just about any other role.

Firthette said...

Brooding, soulful brown eyes, gorgeous tousled curls, the way he looks at Lizzie over the piano, the man in breeches.....I just swooned. And I didn't even mention the wet shirt.

Of COURSE it is Colin, ladies. He's the only Darcy I'll ever need.

Anonymous said...

A picture like that of Matthew McFadyen would blow your mind. Colin's handsome and sexy but MM is so much more!