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Tuesday, November 13

My Take: I Beg Your Pardon

I've been quiet long enough. When I read drivel like this, I find my blood pressure soaring and I must speak out:

ROYAL wannabe Kate Middleton has single-handedly booted the women's cause back to the Dark Ages by quitting her job and biding her time until Prince William decides if and when he will pop the question.

Rather than making the most of her precious 20s, this silly girl appears to be putting all her eggs into one unreliable basket and pathetically hanging around until William decides if he wants to marry her.

Is she straight out of a Jane Austen novel?

So guess which phrase burns me. (Think red!) I am tired of reporters and critics confusing Jane Austen with a Harlequin Romance Writer (Mills & Boon writer for those of you across the Pond).

Jane's heroines, though restrained by the social conventions of their time, were dynamic. Even Fanny Price, who I find to be a bit insipid, stood up stubbornly for what she believed in. Granted, all Jane's heroines had faults, but they overcame them. That's one quality that makes her novels so grand. To Robin Riley, the reporter from the Herald Sun who wrote those words, my only comment is "Pah!" Go back to English 101 and bone up on your knowledge of Jane Austen. You'll never write such a silly sentence again.

To get my blood pressure back to normal, I read this interesting interview with Emily Blunt, who plays Prudie in The Jane Austen Book Club. The movie is slated to open in the UK on Friday. Read my interview with director Robin Swicord here.

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