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Tuesday, December 11

Lydia Bennet's Story

Shall I tell you a secret? You must promise not to tell anyone else. When I took the Which Jane Austen Character Are You? quiz, Lydia Bennet kept popping up in my profile. No, she wasn't number one on my list. Marianne Dashwood was. So, now you know: Ms. Place is either a hopeless romantic or ... a hopeless romantic.

I suspect we all share a warm spot in our hearts for Jane Austen's over the top heroines. Whenever Lydia pops up in Pride & Prejudice, the story sparkles. She is such a delicious character: young, headstrong, and immature. Who among us has not encountered a tweeny who is as willful and behaves just as outrageously as Lydia?

Yesterday I opened up my mailbox and discovered Lydia Bennet's Story inside it. I haven't read this book by Jane Odiwe yet, and will save it for the holidays, but just glancing at the first few pages makes me want to sit down and read it. Look for my review soon. Meanwhile, you can read Chapter One here, and several of the book's reviews on Austen Blog and Becoming Jane Fansite.

Oh, I also received ten of Jane's lovely cards, all tied in her characteristic blue ribbon. I ordered them only a week ago from the U.K. and they arrived in plenty of time for gift giving. Click here to view them and for ordering information.

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