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Sunday, December 9

Would Jane Austen Approve of These Gifts ...?

Cruickshank Regency Deck Art: Scroll down to the second selection on this InterCol London site. All the court cards are reproductions of the Classical caricatures by the great artists including Gilray, Heath, Hogarth and others. Originals hang in the Brighton Pavilion permanent exhibition. Reverse image of the Pavilion in the 19th century.

Scents and fragrances from Floris on Jermyn Street.
Fragrances have been sold on Floris' premises on Jermyn Street since the 18th century. Past Floris customers include:
  • Mary Shelley, who whilst abroad sent friends clear instructions on where to purchase her favourite combs: Floris.
  • Beau Brummell, the dandy of his day in the early 19th century, would discuss his current fragrances at length with Mr.Floris.

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