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Saturday, January 19

Austen Mania Continues With Northanger Abbey, Part 2

How do you say, "Can't wait for the next installment of The Complete Jane Austen?"

Northanger Abbey is coming to PBS's Masterpiece Classic tomorrow night at 9p.m. EST. Want to know more about the production? This link to A Penny for Your Dreams will lead you to a fun review of the ITV episode. Remember, PBS has cut another 30 minutes off, which in my opinion does Jane a great injustice and disservice. Nevertheless, I think that most of you will be pleased with this production, which is as adorable as a 6-week-old puppy.

If you want to know more about Catherine and her fabulous Mr. Tilney, click on Solitary Elegance and visit the Northanger Abbey Adaptations page, or click on Austenprose.

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