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Wednesday, January 30

Miss Austen Regrets Preview

The premiere of the new biopic on Jane Austen's later years, Miss Austen Regrets, is quickly approaching on Sunday, February 3rd. at 9:00 pm. Presented by Masterpiece Classic, it is a co-production of WGBH/BBC and is highly anticipated by many Janeites. The story line focuses on the last few years of Jane Austen's (Olivia Williams) life, as she advises her niece Fanny Knight (Imogen Poots) on courtship and marriage, and attempts to help her navigate her choice of the correct match.

After Last summers biopic Becoming Jane, and the controversy surrounding the producers promoting the story with tag lines like "Jane Austen's Love Story Was Her Own", I admit to being a bit gun shy of further biographies of Jane Austen's life story. From the PBS press release, it appears that the writer Gwyneth Hughes has closely based the story on Jane Austen's letters, and family memoirs. That's a relief. You can read further details on the production at my other blog, Austenprose.

Did you know that in addition to Becoming Jane, there are several documentaries available on Jane Austen's life and world? You may want to check out these DVD's and put them in your Netflicks que, or order them for your own library.

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Ms. Place said...

This post has me eager to see Miss Austen Regrets, Laurel Ann. Also, I love the post you wrote about the movie on your other blog, Austenprose.