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Wednesday, January 30

Olivia Williams, the New Jane Austen

Olivia Williams, the beautiful, brassy, and talented actress who plays Jane Austen in the last two years of her life in Miss Austen Regrets, is ranked quite high by Giving her a rank of 82, they evidently appreciate her classic beauty and brains. In many respects, Olivia is the perfect actress to play a 39-year-old Jane. Her face shines with intelligence, and her looks, though striking, have begun to show the fine lines of age, which is perfect for an actress asked to play a famous author towards the end of her life. In fact, I found Olivia's portrayal of Jane to be more true to my image of this vivacious and independent-minded author than Anne Hathaway's perky role in Becoming Jane.

Olivia has played in a movie adaptation of Jane Austen's novels before: as Jane Fairfax opposite Kate Beckinsale's Emma. She also played Bruce Willis' widow in The Sixth Sense and Kevin Costner's love interest in The Postman. The mother of two girls, Olivia began her acting career on the stage. She vowed to work until the age of 30 or until she hit it "big." She accomplished this when Kevin Costner hired her for his Apocalyptic movie. The role in this bomb did not end her career as an actress and she's worked steadily ever since.


A Day In the Life . . . said...

I would have to agree - Williams looks just as I imagine Jane to be

Kathleen B. said...

Olivia Williams was a perfect Jane!

You made a big mistake, though. Her two children are GIRLS (Esme and Roxana).

Ms. Place said...

Thank you for the correction, Kathleen! I shall make the change.