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Saturday, March 29

Life Coach Cheryl Richardson Draws on the Wisdom of Jane Austen

Masterpiece Classic’s enhanced interactive website has added two new features in anticipation of the premier of Sense and Sensibility on Sunday night; behind the scenes production videos, and two nine minute podcasts by bestselling author and life coach Cheryl Richardson. Both of these new features offer insights into the making of the film Sense and Sensibility and how Jane Austen’s classic novel set in the early 19th-century can be applied to our lives today.

The videos include interviews of the writer, designers, director and the cast, and lead us into the thought processes to create this stunning new adaptation. Life coach Cheryl Richards asks the question, is Jane Austen trying to tell you something about your life, and explores the plot and characters throughout the film to discover lessons and applications to our 21st-century lives

In addition to the plot synopsis and cast & credits, you will find a listing of characters with a hierarchy of how they fit into the story and additional information about the actors who portray them.

Be sure to watch episode one of the Masterpiece Classic presentation of Sense and Sensibility on Sunday, March 30th at 9:00 pm on PBS. Also, don't forget to read the review of the film by our guest blogger Barbara Larochelle, discussion moderator with The Republic of Pemberley. Her post sits below.

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ASponge said...

What a wonderful blog! I'm definitely subscribing from now on. Thank you for your insights.

You may enjoy this comical blog from Mr. Darcy:
I heard about it on It's pretty amusing.

What other Austen blogs do you recommend?

Ms. Place said...

asponge, thank you! Please view our sidebar. Obviously, we recommend our other two Austen blogs, which showcase their posts with widgets, and we have a category entitled, Sister Links.

Jaimie said...

I can't wait to see this tonight!

Pim said...

wow, love this blog...thank you
I read persuasion and see persuasion 2007 and love love story and film , and i begin now to read another jane's book i am so happy i found wonderful blog here, thank you