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Tuesday, July 8

Jane Austen: Polyvore

I created this fun image at Polyvore, a site that lets you mix and match images from anywhere on the web. This first attempt only took 20 minutes, but now that I have the hang of it, I'm sure my next image will take less time. Look for images using the search address bar and type in the category of items you're looking for. Here's the link to the site.

The image below was made by someone who titled it: "I love Jane Austen!" The varieties are endless. If you create a polyvore Jane Austen image that you'd like to showcase on this blog, send us the embed code in an email. We'll feature your image for you.

Posted by Vic, Ms. Place

1 comment:

Laurel Ann said...

Oh my Vic, you are the clever one! This could be a very creative outlet!

Cheers, Laurel Ann