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Tuesday, July 8

New Improved Banner

If something seems different on this blog today, it's our banner. We've asked Kali (from Emma Adaptations) to sharpen the image a bit and strengthen the title. While we loved the previous banner and received many compliments on it, we felt the subtitle was too blurred and too light gray in color. The title itself, while elegant, was wishy-washy. Kali toned down the browns and made the quote more readable. We especially love the way the "y" connects all the elements of the graphic. Hope you like the change.

Before, left. After, right.

Posted by Vic and Laurel Ann


Felicia said...

Love the improved look! :)

Chris Dornan said...

Yes, it is excellent. Well done!

Dina said...

Love the new banner.

merti said...

Love it, ladies. It stands out better.