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Thursday, July 10

Total Jane Austen Immersion

I returned home from a long hard day at work and needed a fix. So I googled Amazon and ordered the 10th anniversary edition of Pride and Prejudice 1995 ($19.99) and Clueless, DVD ($5.99 - I already have both VHS tapes).

Ah, I felt better. But wait! I'd forgotten about the books I'd received these past few weeks: The six fabulous Jane Austen reissues from Oxford World's Classics (see image on left) with their introductions, annotations, and bibliographies; and two sequels from SourceBooks: The Ladies of Longourn by Rebecca Ann Collins and Pemberley Shades by D.A. Bonavia-Hunt.

Uh, oh. When I ordered my new videos tonight I'd forgotten that just this last weekend I'd replaced my old VHS BBC Jane Austen series with six spanking new DVDs, plus a new DVD of Persuasion 1995 .

So many new Jane items! So little time to read or view them all! You can order your own DVD's for as little as $9.99 each, and even less if you are willing to order used DVDs. To view a complete list, see Laurel Ann's post from a few days ago, Janeite Shopping Alert.

Posted by Vic, Ms. Place (Can you spot me in my 90's navy and white sailor dress in the photo at top? See the shoulder pads? Uggh.)


merti said...

Oh, those shoulder pads. Hard to see in that photo, but I still have nightmares wearing them.

nigel said...

Oh, I don't know.
I think one has to do the shoulder pads thing at least once. The photo looks better when you right click on the picture. You scub up pretty good. No regency fashion?