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Thursday, July 10

Which Jane Austen Hero Are You?

Ok, so this quiz was created for guys. I'm willing to bet (100:1) that you are a woman reading this post. You have a choice: either answer the questions for your guy, or ask him to rate himself in the categories listed. My last beau fit Willoughby's profile. It's just as well that we're no longer together, ne'st pas?

Click here for the quiz.

Posted by Vic, who's still waiting for her... ahem.


Laura McDonald said...

This is great! Sometimes I think these quizzes work better if someone else answers for you anyway.

So I've got a Captain Wentworth on my hands (with a mix of Edward Ferrars and Willoughby--I think every man has a bit of Willoughby in him, no?).

This is fitting, because I did one of those "Which Jane Austen heroine are you?" quizzes yesterday and came up with Anne Eliot for myself. Ha!

nigel said...

I scored a Captain Wentworth, which appears a little odd? I was trying so hard to score as George Whickham or a Mr collins at the very least. And No! no Willoughby here, Ho hum, I think I will try again.