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Wednesday, November 12

Jane Austen Survey Results Are In

You voted and the ballots have been tallied. Here are the results of the 2008 Jane Austen Survey, a comprehensive document that describes us collectively to a tee! Janeites are an interesting lot. Reading the results, I see that your preferences for Jane's heroes and heroines are reflected in our Jane Austen Character Throwdowns as well.

If you would like to read the entire survey, send an email request to


nigel said...

Education appeared to me as an interesting factor; 81% had a four year degree or higher, while occupations were diverse.

Glad to see George Whickham was the favourate bad dude and that most men dislike Darcy.

Sorry to hear Sense and Sensibilty didn't score higher.

Thank you for the wonderful research

Vic said...

Ah, Nigel, I wish we were in charge of this research. The kudos go to Jeanne Kiefer, who assembled this ambitious project for JASNA.