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Saturday, February 28

Jane Austen on Audio Tape

Need your Jane Austen fix? Too busy driving the kids to their functions, or taking long commutes back and forth to work to read Pride and Prejudice? Too exhausted at night to tackle anything more than light reading? Have no fear. Naxos Audio Books provides a solution. You can purchase Jane's books two ways: in digital format or as an audio CD. Beautifully packaged and read by the incomparable Juliet Stevenson and Emilia Fox, you will receive hours of listening pleasure. I've discovered that Jane's novels translate beautifully into the spoken word. For those who have difficulty with her writing style, you might prefer to "read" her books in this manner.

Click here for a description of her six novels. You can purchase them abridged or unabridged. I, of course, recommend the unabridged novels. When you visit the Naxos Audio Books site, you can listen to a sample of the novel.

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Mary said...

My kids gave me P&P for Mothers Day a few years ago. Emilia Fox does a wonderful job. I recommend it!

Lynn said...

To me, listening to a tape is not nearly as satisfying as actually reading the book...I always read Jane Austen's books with my own, terrible British accent but thank goodness, no one else can hear me !!!

Janeen said...

I lurve audio CD's/Tapes! In fact, I was listening to Northanger Abbey last night to help me fall asleep while I read the book. It's really lovely to read along with the book when you have a lovely brittish voice reading the story to you!

Victoria said...

I will admit that I haven't had much luck with Jane Austen audio CDs. My family and I listened to Persuasion read by Juliet Stevenson during a long car trip last year. We all enjoyed it, but I found myself frustrated by how quickly Ms. Stevenson spoke (and I'm a New Yorker!). I sighed out loud when she raced through The Letter. The Letter!

But my children liked it, so when we went on to listen to Northanger Abbey read by Nadia May during our Christmas travels. While Ms. May had good pacing, her voice for Henry Tilney was cringe worthy (think: raspy old man).

I was unaware of the Emilia Fox cds. As we have a 14 hour car trip in the next few weeks, I will definitely look into!

Anonymous said...

I like the option of having audios. I purchased Peruasion about two months ago, to play during my long trips to East Texas. I love the readers voice and it's done at a nice pace. I look forward to my next purchase of a Austen audio.

nigel said...

Anne Eliot is a Babe!
So is Emilia Fox :)