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Tuesday, March 3

Winner Announced in the Mr. Darcy's Dream Giveway!

Congratulations to Ana T. who is the lucky winner in our giveaway of a copy of Mr. Darcy's Dream, the new Elizabeth Aston Pride and Prejudice continuation.

Ana, we have recently e-mailed you and would appreciate a response by March 9th to claim your prize. We hope that you enjoy the book.

You can read more about the book in our preview post here and Laurel Ann's review here.

Regards, Vic (Ms. Place) & Laurel Ann


Janeen said...

There seems to be a grammer error in the paragraph, it doesn't read right? or is it just me?

Congratulations Ana!

Ana T. said...

Wow I won!!! Thank you so much. I'll email you the address as soon as possible...

BubbaCoop said...

"There seems to be a grammer error in the paragraph"

Is that a subtle joke? Misspelling "grammar" when talking about that of someone else?

Laurel Ann said...

Janeen, thanks for the heads up. I made the change. I think the computer burped or I was too bleary eyed late last night to catch it.