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Sunday, March 1

Jane Austen Character Throwdown

By a margin of 2:1 you preferred Rev. George Austen's library over Mr. Bennet's in the last throwdown. This week you are asked to consider two sets of siblings: The Thorpes and the Crawfords. Our question is:
Which Pair of Sibling Do You Like the Least?

Isabella and John Thorpe, Northanger Abbey

John Thorpe is arrogant and boastful, and it is significant that Jane has him speak in vulgar cant. Wrongly assessing Catherine Morland's fortune, he attempts to woo her and lies to her in an attempt to keep her from her walking assignation with Eleanor and Henry Tilney. John's sister, Isabella, is as manipulative and self-serving as her brother. With no wealth or connections to speak of, she latches onto Catherine Morland, forming a hasty and too intimate a friendship. She goes after James Morland, mistakenly thinking he has a fortune. When she learns how little money he will have, she quickly abandons him for Captain Frederick Tilney, who casts her aside after a short flirtation.

Mary and Henry Crawford, Mansfield Park

The Crawfords siblings are rich, sophisticated and town bred. Mary, whose marriage portion is £20,000, amazingly sets her cap on Edmund Bertram, though she abhors his plans to become a clergyman. A bored Henry goes after Maria for sport and fun, even though she is an engaged woman. When Maria marries Mr. Rushworth during Henry's absence, he turns his attention to Fanny Price. Fanny sees through his oily and facile facade and resists his advances. Had Mary not tried to justify Maria's affair with her brother, Fanny might well have succumbed to Henry's persistent advances. Thankfully, she did not. free polls
Jane Austen Character Throwdown
The Thorpes The Crawfords


Milka said...

I dislike Mary Crawford, but I feel bad for Henry. I really think that he really started to love Fanny, but he probably also understood that Fannys love for Edmund is too powerful.
The Thorpe siblings are horrible. John especially makes me mad. :D

Blarney Girl said...

In a weird way I kinda like the Crawfords and their story, but the Thorpes on the otherhand, UGH! Maybe it's becuase Catherine is so young and gullible and the Thorpes are like two preditory birds circling the city for young (and who they think are rich) people to snatch up and devour for all their worth! Thankfully, Catherine has Henry Tilney for a hero and what a HERO he is. *swoon* :)

Lynn said...

Although I detest the rich, snobby and values lacking Crawfords, I must choose the very horrid Thorpes. Their greedy, insincere, hurtful, predatory use of Catherine is enough to convince me of their being the winner of the least liked brother and sister tag team !

nigel said...

The lesser of two evils?

I can understand why the Crawfords appeal to most people. They have a mannered refinement and elegance.

However the Thorpes; base, common and proletariat aspirations would offend the genteel.

Perhaps this is a case of pride and predjudice :)

Katie said...

this is the hardest one yet!

Anonymous said...

I detest the Bingley sisters!