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Thursday, April 23

Double the fun with Mr. Darcy! Pride and Prejudice 1995 Blu-ray and Lost in Austen DVD now available

Rejoice Austen movie fans! April 14th was a monumental day heralding the release of the digitally restored Blu-ray edition of Pride and Prejudice (1995) and Lost in Austen (2008) Region 1 release in North America.

Pride and Prejudice (1995) is one of the most popular and financially successful miniseries ever produced by the BBC and A&E, and one of our favorite movie adaptations of Jane Austen’s classic novel. In 2005 we were treated to the deluxe 10th anniversary edition that was touted as an improved edition from previously issued DVD releases. We were not impressed. The color and clarity had been distorted to a muddy mess in comparison to our old VHS tapes. We have waited patiently for this day and are happy to report that the technical restoration is a vast improvement to the previous editions and well worth the extra money.

New restored Blu-ray quality

Old muddy DVD quality

The trick is; do you have a Blu-ray player? They are not cheap and you must have an HD capable television to enjoy the benefits. I am not a techie, so you can get the lowdown on an industry review and the geeky stuff here. You can see by the before and after pictures what a remarkable job that they did restoring the original film negatives. It is not as fabulous as new movies on Blu-ray, but it is probably the best we will see for a while, or maybe ever! In addition to the two disc set of all five episodes, brand new bonus materials including a fascinating short film about the technical restoration process. Have fun, and enjoy!

Cheers, Laurel Ann


Ruth said...

I have the "special edition" DVD set of Pride and Prejudice from 2001, and while I'm no technical expert I would say the picture is several ticks better than what they released in the 10th anniversary set (which seems very strange). Blu-Ray is not happening for me any time in the near future, unless I come into a TON of money. ;-) But the screen capture you share looks great.

BubbaCoop said...

Blu-ray isn't as expensive as people make it seem. $25 for 300 minutes of Pride and Prejudice in 1080p is a bargain.

Also, sorry to be a stickler, but it IS Blu-ray, or BD (Blu-ray Disc). There's no such thing as Blue-ray.

Blarney Girl said...

This Geek has the HD TV, but not the Blu-ray player...yet! P&P on BD has my JA/geeky heart all a flutter!!

Must calm down. Must save pennies and not make emotional purchase of Blu-ray player by putting it on the CC.Deeeeeep cleansing breaths! :D

Arti said...

Thanks for the heads up Laurel Ann.
Again, another reason why Janeites ought to check your blog everyday for up-to-date news on everything Austen.

A well-deserving AWARD is waiting for you and Vic to claim at Ripple Effects for the wonderful work you've done on this site!

Lynn said...

I very happy with my old VHS copy although this newest version would be great when the VHS bites the dust...Lost in Austen ? I'd rather take a dose of cod liver oil than spend money on it, let alone watch it again !

Laurel Ann said...

Ok - I stand corrected. It is Blu-ray. I am such a non techie that I can not even get the name right! *cowers in corner* And if you have not noticed, I can't spell either! ;-)

nigel said...

For once I have to agree Colin Firth looks good in remastered Blue Ray.

kaye dacus said...

Will Colin Firth look younger and less doughy and jowly in the Blu-ray edition?


(ducking and running from the room now...)

Lynn said...

At last, a nice comment about Colin Firth...Bravo !

darcycolin_1960 said...

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