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Tuesday, April 21

Jane Austen in Popular Culture

Our Jane, no shy retiring spinster, created a Facebook page that you can join. Click here to view it. She also has a page on My Space, and offers a newsfeed on Austenbook where her many characters and friends can leave comments. Oh, how droll and delightful! Is there no end to Jane's talents?

We see that is using twitter, as does the Daily Jane Austen. Then there are Jane Austen Media, and Reading Jane Austen - all on Twitter.

DailyLit has begun tweeting as well, providing 146 installments of Pride and Prejudice. Now we can all read Jane even when we're in a hurry.

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Laaleen said...

Hi-- where can I submit an article/review of recent Austen adaptations in film & TV (specifically, portrayals of Mr. Darcy)? Are there any journals or e-zines that could publish it? Thanks