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Thursday, April 9

Little Dorrit's Claire Foy

In a Daily Mail Interview, "Sir Tom Courtenay calls her 'a wonderful discovery'. Matthew Macfadyen says she's 'no less than brilliant.' The trade magazine Screen International lists her as one to watch and Vogue tips her as this autumn's brightest star." Twenty-four-year-old Claire was chosen to play the plummy role of Amy Dorrit less than a year out of drama school. Her vulnerable face and delicate acting style are a perfect combination to play a heroine who has never known life outside Marshalsea debtor's prison. Click here for a video interview with Claire Foy. For our reviews of the film, click on the links below. Catch episodes you missed online at this PBS Masterpiece Classic link.
Vic's reviews:
Laurel Ann's Reviews:


Ruth said...

Thanks for the links. I've been very impressed with Claire Foy's acting ability in Little Dorrit. I think she's got a bright future ahead of her!

Lynn said...

Good post !
I try not to read much about actors or actresses in shows until I have seen the show entirely. I made that mistake with P&P (Keira Knightly, who has quite a foul mouth, ruined her version of Elizabeth for me with her interview, also, the dirty Bennet house and the the general flippency of that version boils my blood ) I still can't like her much and I think she is highly overrated as an actress !

I'll read about Claire after "Little Dorrit" is done. I know, I guess I'm a tad too sensitive, but that's me.

annechovie said...

I am loving this series and just sorry there's a mere 3 parts to's so good, I just wish it could go on and on. Thanks for the background info and links!

Charleybrown said...

I thought Claire was so captivating as Little Dorrit. The whole production revolved around her and she didn't disappoint. I hope to see her in other productions but then again, she'll always be Amy to me.

dlandrews83 said...

Bravo to Claire... truely outstanding!

For the entire crew of Little Dorrit, you brought this classic to life. Thank you.

troy1803 said...

My wife and I loved Little Dorrit. Clair Foy was simply outstanding in the part of Amy. I fell in love with the character of Amy Dorrit. The entire cast was simply great, but it was Clair who stole the show.