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Sunday, June 14

Jane Austen Movie Throwdown

In this week's throwdown we ask you to consider two vastly different interpretations of Jane Austen's novels. The smartly written and immensely likable Clueless or Bride and Prejudice, Jane Austen Bollywood style. These two movies prove that Jane's stories trandscend time and cultures. For your consideration, which film is

The Best Reintepretation of a Jane Austen Novel

Clueless, based on Emma

Amy Heckerling's script snaps, crackles, and pops with Valley Girl smarts. And Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz is, like, unforgettable. The plot, set in mid-1990's LA, is filled with absurd situations - Cher learning to drive, debating about violence for a class assignment, endlessly shopping, and helping Daddy with his law briefs. All the important elements of Emma as a bossy and privileged(but clueless) rich girl who interferes in other people's lives are included. And then there's the dialogue: "Can I please give you some advice? It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day." Priceless. Every time I watch this film I laugh. It simply is that good.

Bride and Prejudice, based on Pride and Prejudice

It's fun to see the Bennets transplanted to another culture. The girls are reduced to four, but you still have Lalita (Lizzy) and (Jaya) Jane, and Mr and Mrs. Bashki (Bennet). Mr. (Kohli) Collins is as pompous as ever and Mr. Darcy is downright yummy. Aishwariya Rai, who plays Elizabeth Bennet, has the most striking eyes of all the actresses who have ever played the character. This is Pride and Prejudice Bollywood style, with actors dressed in bright costumes and singing and dancing their way against colorful settings and in exotic locations. Gurinder Chadha, of Bend it Like Beckham fame, directs this movie with a joie de vivre that has you singing "No Life Without Wife" long after the film has ended. free polls
The Best Reinterpretation of a Jane Austen Novel
Clueless Bride and Prejudice


Jenni James said...

Ooh, that was a tough one... but in the end I voted for Bride & Prejudice. I love it! It's even made more awesome because it's a modern musical. LOL! Jenni

Alhana said...

I had to vote for Bride & Prejudice too! No life without wife ;-)

Unknown said...

I shouldn't vote, because I've never seen Clueless (I will, now that you've recommended it so highly). I have seen Bride and Prejudice - twice - and loved it.

Lynnae said...

I Love Bride and Prejudice!

Nonna said...
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Brittany Marie said...

I need to watch Bride & Prejudice. I love Clueless though!

Nonna said...

I vote for "Clueless" because I think Alicia Silverstone is just perfect in it as Cher.

Cher is by no means a Valley Girl except in the way she talks.I lived in the S.F. valley in L.A. growing up and a Valley Girl is upper middle class living in the San Fernando Valley...many steps below the 90210 zip of Cher.

Anonymous said...

"Clueless" was one of my favorite movies as a kid, but "Bride & Prejudice" won out for me.