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Monday, July 20

Georgette Heyer Continues to Inspire New Authors: The Grand Sophy Guest Blog with Romance Author Mary Margret Daughtridge

Gentle Readers: The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer was re-released on July 1st by Sourcebooks. Joining us today is romance author Mary Margret Daughtridge who will chat about how Regency romance author Georgette Heyer continues to inspire her writing of contemporary romances today.

A SEAL contemporary might seem like a far cry from a Georgette Heyer Regency, but it was Georgette Heyer who single-handedly converted me to romance--more years ago than I care to admit to. I would reread her books until the pages were soft and frayed and falling out, and then go buy a new one. Unfortunately, they were out of print in the eighties and nineties, so a "new" one could only be found in a used bookstore. Even after all these years, I would have to say Heyer's is the strongest influence on my writing. Just the other day I was thinking about how Sophy shoots one of the other characters with the best of intentions -- and with very good results.

Heyer is always aware that a story is about people, not the plot. She creates humor not by contrived situations but by letting characters reveal themselves, and as a result it never goes stale. I can (and have) reread her books over and over and laugh every time.

In fact, one of the funniest scenes I ever read happens in The Grand Sophy when the hero complains that Sophy has compared his fiancée to a horse. He counters that he considers his fiancée’s countenance particularly well-bred. “Oh,she reassures him, “I meant a particularly well-bred horse!

As the argument becomes more and more ridiculous, he sees for himself how narrow-minded he has become, which provides the opening for a change of heart.

I'm so thrilled Sourcebooks is reissuing Heyer, and letting a new generation of romance fans and writers discover her.

The Grand Sophy is one of her best.

Thank you Mary Margret for sharing your appreciation of this great author with us today.

Author Bio

Mary Margret Daughtridge is the author of the SEAL Series: SEALed with a Kiss (April 2008) and SEALed with a Promise (April 2009), contemporary romance novels featuring stories of Navy SEALS, hard men with soft hearts, published by Sourcebooks Casablanca. She has been a grade school teacher, speech therapist, family educator, biofeedback therapist, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist. She is a member of Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Romancing the Military Soul, and is a sought-after judge in writing contests. She resides in North Carolina. You can visit Mary Margret at her website and read excerts of her novels.

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Vic said...

Margret, That is also one of my favorite scenes. Thank you for stopping by our humble blog and leaving your wonderful words about The Grand Sophy!