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Tuesday, July 21

Seen on the Blogosphere

Bath Daily Photo Blog is back! Same wonderful city but different photographers (Tom and Emma Dawson). The old Bath Daily Photo with James Russielo gave us a splendid year of images. This one seems equal to the task, as you can see of this photo of Pulteney Bridge.

Want a handsome man to read Pride and Prejudice to you? During a Carte Noir moment, Dominic West reads the scene in which Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and rouses her resentment by avowing that which he had felt and long felt.

Meanwhile, the deadline for winning Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict is tonight. Contest rules sit in the side bar.

Posted by Vic, Jane Austen's World


The Wandering Writer said...

I can't wait to visit this flower shop! I am moving to Bath next month and my flat is a block from Pulteney Bridge! So excited!

Love your blog just as much as I love Austen! :)

Vic said...

"Blush" Thank you.

Leish said...

Hi! We've put this blog on our list of blogs that we enjoy reading. Is there any way you could do the same for The Jane Austen Blog Club? We've just starting out, but we really enjoy your blog.
Thank you!

sphinx63 said...

Wow, now that is a nice way to sit through your coffee break!

Anonymous said...

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