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Monday, March 8

Jane Austen Street in Brazil

Inquiring readers: Raquel Sallaberry oversees the blog, Jane Austen em Português. She lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and has frequently commented on this blog's posts. Recently I asked her to become a guest blogger and she graciously said yes. Jane Austen inspires people of all cultures, and Raquel embodies Jane's appeal and popularity the world over. This is Raquel's first contribution to this blog:

Rua Jane Austen or Jane Austen Street is a little alley, (as you can see on Google Maps), in the neighborhood Santo Amaro in São Paulo town, Brazil. It's a friendly place and almost strictly residential. I say almost, because there is a school for childhood education and elementary education named Santa Edwiges' (St. Edwiges).

Last December, I visited the place and talked with Mrs. Sueli, who maintains the school and received me very kindly. She told me that the first name of the street was Santo Antonio (St. Antony) and that she didn't know why the name was changed. I am very curious to know who had the idea of renaming the street in honor of Jane Austen, but I did not find this information until now.

As a tribute to dear Jane I have made a short movie – very short indeed! and took some pictures of the street.

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Português

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Nat said...

How cute! I live in São Paulo as well, and I'll try to go to this neighborhood to see the street.

meredith r. said...

How fascinating. Evidence of Jane's universal appeal.

Nonna Beach said...

Love that...thanks Raquel !!!

Raquel Sallaberry said...


The street is at the end of the south of the city. If you want to know how to get there contact me.

Raquel Sallaberry said...


Our dear, dear Jane!

Raquel Sallaberry said...

Nonna Beach,

We, Brazilian Janeites are very proud of that street. I thank you for comment.

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