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Thursday, June 3

Blame Sarah Jessica Parker's Hat on Marie Antoinette

She started it, oh yes, she did. Blame Marie Antoinette for starting the craze for outrageously piled on hair accessories. (Well, actually, Queen Nefertiti might take exception to the claim.)

Nevertheless, Marie liked to embellish her already outrageously high hairdos with outlandish accessories, like a ship in full sail. Hah!

How on earth did these ladies balance their heads? Much less get in and out of carriages?

Imagine sitting behind these women at the opera. How did they manage to curtsy without toppling over?

And how were they able to observe fire safety regulations wearing ostrich feathers under brightly burning chandeliers?

Enter SJP, who in 2008 stunned Londoners with her chapeaux.

Well, Sarah Jessica outdid herself again this year, choosing to wear a hat to the premier of Sex and the City 2 in London that even Lady Worsley would have applauded.

After all, this 18th century fashionista wore the trend centuries ago.


Southerner said...

Hi Vic,
Really love this post. Is that you ,third or fourth picture down? Just wondering.

We have two events in the British calendar which still bring out the hats. The first is the annual race meet at Ascot. Ladies are required to wear the latest fashion and hats are no exception. The other, another week of horse racing, is the Epsom Derby.

All the best,

Vic said...

Hah, Tony! I wish. That's Kiersten Dunst as Marie Antoinette.

You made my day.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Fantastic post! I love the green hat SJP wore in 2008. I remember the uproar it caused then.

For The Love of Old Books said...

What a wonderful post, I adore everything about Jane Austen and when I found your blog I was thrilled. Sarah Jessica Parker can pull any fashion statement off, but I love how you tied these new hat designs with designs of the past.

Vic said...

Thanks for your compliments Breanne and Karen. It was fun to create!

ChaChaneen said...

ha ha That was hilarious, fun and oh so outrageous!! Lurve all the photos!

Gina said...

Did you ever read that children's novel -- I think it was called "Ben and Me" -- about Benjamin Franklin's mouse? Part of it is set in France, when the mouse recruits a bunch of other mice to rescue a mouse family being held prisoner in the palace. All the mice hide out in the huge wigs of the ladies at court (including the one with the ship that you showed in your post), and then when the signal came, suddenly all the ladies have mice streaming out of their wigs. Of course mayhem ensues! Too funny. :-)

So now, I can never see a picture of one of those wigs with a ship in it without picturing the ship being full of mice!

Nonna Beach said...

What a fun post !
I love hats and wish they were back in style all the time. When I was very young, my Nana and Grandma wouldn't leave the house without one on ! Guess that's why I love period books and movies...not just the stories but settings, the costumes and hair gear too !!!

The Writing Instinct said...

Hi Vic!

I have just discovered your brilliant blog! Why has it taken me so long? I just love it and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.

Thank you!

Enid Wilson said...

LOL, the hat get more limo space than Sarah Jessica. I wonder how severe their headache would be.

Steamy Darcy