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Friday, June 4

Follow Friday: Sue Wilkes

Sue Wilkes, author of Regency Chesire, offers soundbites from history in her blog, Sue Wilkes. She lives in England; thus visitors to her blog are treated to "inside" information about the Regency era. One of my favorite recent posts is entitled, Real Life in Regency England, which discusses the great contrasts in lifestyle between the rich and working classes.

Read my review of her novel in this link: Books to Keep You Company During the Holiday Season


Jane Odiwe said...

Sue is a regular writer for Jane Austen's Regency World mag too, amongst others! She always makes her subjects come to life!

Sue Wilkes said...

Thank you, Vic! And Jane too! I am hoping a review of 'Regency Cheshire' will appear in the next issue of Jane Austen's Regency World, and will update my blog when it's published.